Quinoa Pancakes and E.L. Fudge Cookies

Today, we woke to double-digit inches of fresh snow, then ate Keebler E.L. Fudge cookies while I cooked quinoa and searched high and low* for the remaining quinoa pancake ingredients.  Then Koan had trouble with the coffee maker and I made it instead, for I am the stovetop coffee maker whisperer.

Today, I decided to take back my blog.  

I am ready for my blog to reflect me in a more authentic way.  I like posting about chickens and Portlandia and successful craft projects and cool things from other places on the internet. The hip things, the fun things, the things I am eager to share with other people.  You know, the quinoa pancakes.  There are also things whose reception I sometimes fear.  The silly things, the processed, sugary, comfort-food things.  Expect to see more of those.  Oh, and know what?  There are things that other people are good at that I am also good at.  Like making coffee and stringing together words in a meaningful way.  I plan to practice those things.

For the rest of today, in true me fashion, I will debate with myself something significant or insignificant.  This afternoon it is whether the still-falling-sideways snow is saying No need to go outside, your chickens have a heat lamp and your dogs look like this -

or whether I should bundle up and get those of us weighing 100lbs or more (or almost, in Madison's case) a few minutes of fresh air.  I call them debates with myself; our counselor referred to them as a symptom of my safety-motivated hyper-vigilance.  Yep.  Me.  

Here's to the second month of a new year.
This year I will marry my best friend and the dreamiest guy I know.
This year I will try not to spend so much money on clothes I only sort of like.
This year I will take back my blog.

*Literally.  We don't bake much.  Ingredients are scattered and often found with tiny mouse-tooth holes.  yeesh.