2012 Recap

I posted once in 2012. About how I was going to post more things. Woops.

Last year's highlights:

We jumped into 2012 after a rainy week in Alabama. Here we are in the rain at the end of 2011.
Photo by Megan Forehand.

We spent a windy day with Matt taking engagement photos. Side part, side swept bangs.

In March, my hair was the longest it had been in years, though it was growing out uneven. Steven De Lorenzo of UNITE happily took care of that when I volunteered to get a 20s inspired bob for a workshop/show with The Parlour. Bam: center part, rounded bangs, chin length in front with pieces in the back that were barely an inch long.

Slowly but surely, my hair grew. And we got ready for a wedding

where my hair was long enough for waves and everything.

Honeymoon humidity equals frizzy natural waves and pinned back bangs.

By July I was rockin a solid (tiny) ponytail. Not nearly as cute as Ramona's though.

And so it was for a few months.

Until I cut it all off. For real this time.

This is me making a weird face in photobooth for a glasses-try-on selfie.

Well, there's the year (in hair)! I'm happy to have a husband who is always wonderful, but waits until after I cut all my hair off to tell me hated the bangs anyway. If you, dear readers, are lucky, I'll be back here soon to post more words and photos. I might even address some of those other highlights I sort of glossed over above.

Wedding and engagement photos by M David Media. The rest are poached from Koan's instagram.